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John Asher's journey into the world of filmmaking was sparked in his early years, breaking his father's video cameras while trying to capture an epic shot. Fueled by a passion for storytelling through images, his dyslexia became the catalyst for a career defined by visual narratives.


Transitioning from actor to director, John's informal film school was the set of "Weird Science," where he honed his craft for four transformative years. At the age of 23, he directed "Kounterfeit" (1996), featuring Hillary Swank, followed by "Chick Flick" (1998) and "Diamonds" (1999) with Kirk Douglas and Dan Aykroyd—all accomplished before turning 30. His 2005 film "Dirty Love" premiered at Sundance, Then went on to win a Razzie, kind of an unexpected honor. In the world of Razzies, it's a fact that many recipients later go on to win an Oscar...


Venturing into television, John directed episodes of "Going to California" Showtime and "One Tree Hill" for the CW, along with LIVE comedy specials. In 2013, he returned to filmmaking with "Somebody Marry Me," the longest-single-shot film ever made, showcasing his commitment to creative innovation.


"A Boy Called Po" (2016), inspired by his son Evan's journey with autism, marked John's most personal project. The film went on the win numerous film festivals... 


In 2017, John delved into comedy with "TOOKEN" and continued his directorial journey with "I Hate Kids" (2019). Simultaneously, he founded EZPZ Films in 2018, a music video company crafting visually striking videos for a diverse array of artists including Snoop Dog, Sum41, NKOTB, Dan & Shay, Kane Brown, and the list goes on.


His latest cinematic triumph, "A Love Like This" (2024), explores the complexities of a covert romance with a stellar cast featuring Emmanuelle Chriqui and Hayes McArthur. John Asher's career stands as a testament to his versatility and visionary storytelling ablates. You can't put him in a box.

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